Bridge The GAP - Giving Access to Planning - Phase II

With an overwhelming response received from the Phase-I, MASHAL kicked off with another phase of the project, i.e., “Bridge the GAP Phase-II” with the support of 120 under 40 In-genuine Idea award!

The project is about Web and Mobile Application ‘Bridge The GAP’. The span and features were widened by adding the Geo-tags, and counselor’s access for further districts of Punjab; by adding audio version of the literature to facilitate the visually impaired persons (VIPs) and illiterates and by enhancing the features of Android version of  Application. While replicating all the features on Android based version as well. With the phase-II we’ve reached 30,000 Direct Beneficiaries and 0.5 million Indirect Beneficiaries. In the future we plan to extend the facilities, adding more tags, services for the young people and reaching out more young people.

Other advocacy steps undertaken under this phase were:

Open MIC Sessions in 6 districts of Punjab
Conversion of whole content of the Application in Audio version in English and Urdu Language
Addition of Tele health services
Audio Version of the Contraceptive methods

Bahawalpur Open Mic Session

Faislabad Open Mic Session

Gujrat Open Mic Session

Layyah Open Mic Session

Lahore Open Mic Session

Multan Open Mic Session

Mobile and Web application Launch Ceremony